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GQK-320 Form-Fill-Seal Automatic Packaging Line

GQK-320 Form-Fill-Seal Automatic Packaging Line


◎ GQK-320 main machine 

◎ Measuring cup measuring device

◎ Material elevator 

◎ Finished product conveyor  


Main performance and structural features:

◎ Automatic completion of feeding, measuring, bag filling and making, printing date, filling

The whole process of feeding, measuring, bag filling and making, printing date, filling ( venting ) and finished product output is completed automatically. 

◎ The whole set of configurations is economical.

◎ Can be modified to open and close door type metering device according to material requirements. Packaging range puffed, shrimp strips, rice, melon seeds, seeds, peanuts, and other bulk granules, lumps, short strips, spherical materials.

1. GQK-320 Vertical Automatic Packaging Machine


1) Performance characteristics:

* Imported PLC full computer control system, human-machine interface, touch screen for easy and intuitive operation.

* Servo film transport system, accurate positioning, excellent performance of the whole machine, beautiful packaging.

* Perfect automatic alarm protection function to minimize the loss.

* The machine can automatically complete the entire packaging process of metering, feeding, bag filling, and date printing by matching with the metering device.

* Bag-making form: this packing machine can be made into pillow-shaped bags, vertically folded bags, punching hanging hole bags according to the customer's needs.


2) Technical parameters:



Packing speed

 5-80 bags/min

Bag size

 (L)50-200mm (W)50-150mm

Bag type

 Pillow bag, vertical folded corner bag, punching device

Measuring range


Film thickness


Air consumption

 200L/min 0.7×105Pa

Total power

 2.2KW/220V 50-60Hz

Overall dimension


Gross weight



2. Volumetric Meters:


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