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GQK-500L/1000L Chain Bucket Granule Packaging Machine

GQK-500L/1000L Chain Bucket Granule Packaging Machine


* Manual metering of this machine, suitable for packaging of sticky, fragile, and slender food.

* Imported PLC full computer control system, human-machine interface, touch screen for easy and intuitive operation.

* Servo film transport system, accurate positioning, excellent performance of the whole machine, beautiful packaging.

* Perfect automatic alarm protection function to minimize the loss.

* The machine can automatically complete the whole packaging process of feeding, bag filling, and date printing by matching with the coding device.

Packaging range:

Suitable for automatic packaging of non-loose, sticky and granular materials in food, medicine, and chemical products, such as packaging of puffed food, fried food, shrimp sticks, potato chips, peanuts, melon seeds, cereals, crushed dry food noodles, punch, desiccant, monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, laundry powder, etc.


Technical Parameters:

ModelGQK-500 GQK-1000
Bag length50-160mm100-300mm
Bag width50-150mm100-200mm
Packing speed25-55bags/min25-45bags/min
Measuring range5-500ml10-1000ml
Power specification2.0KW/220V2.0KW/220V
Gross weight250kg350kg
Overall dimension900×700×1700mm1000×800×1900mm

Random accessories list

 Name Quantity
 Heating tube 4 pcs
 Cutter 1 pc
 Thermocouple 2 pcs
 Coding machine word grain 1 set
 Ribbon 2 rolls

Random tools

 Name Quantity
 Hexagonal wrench 1 set
 Open-ended wrench 1 set
 Brass brush 1 pc
 Movable wrench 1 pc
 Phillips screwdriver 1 pc

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