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GQS-300 Automatic triangle packaging machine

GQS-300 Automatic triangle packaging machine

Performance Characteristics:

* Packaging of the triangular shape of leisure food

* Full computer control system, human-machine interface, easy and intuitive operation.

* Accurate film transport positioning system, excellent performance of the whole machine, and beautiful packaging.

* Perfect automatic alarm protection function to minimize the loss.

* The machine can automatically complete the whole packaging process of measuring, feeding, bag filling, and date printing by matching with the coding device. 

Packaging range:

Puffed food, shrimp strips, peanuts, popcorn, cereals, melon seeds, and other granular, short strips, and other materials.

Technical parameters:

Bag length75-125mm
Bag width60-110mm
Packing speed20-50bags/min
Measuring range20-80ml
Power specification2.9KW/220V
Gross weight400kg
Overall dimension1200×920×2000mm

Random accessories list

Heating tube4 pcs
Cutter1 pc
Thermocouple1 pcs
Coding machine word grain1 set
Ribbon2 rolls

Random tool

Hexagonal wrench1 set
Open-ended wrench1 set
Brass brush1 pc
Movable wrench1 pc
Phillips screwdriver1 pc


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