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GQ-590 Thermal Contruction Pillow Packaging Machine

GQ-590 Thermal Contruction Pillow Packaging Machine

Performance characteristics:

 * This machine is a horizontal pillow packaging machine, which can automatically complete the automatic bag making, wrapping, sealing, and cutting of the rolled film of the tube.

 * Wrapping, sealing, and cutting. It is suitable for continuous packaging of fixed shape items.

 * This machine adopts frequency conversion speed control and PLC control with a programmable controller. The output is automatically counted, bag length and packing speed are automatically displayed, temperature PID is automatically controlled, photoelectric tracking is automatically controlled. It has advanced technology and safety devices such as overload protection, leakage protection, fault alarm, etc.

  * The equipment has a compact structure, simple operation, reliable operation, high packing speed, stable packing quality, smooth and beautiful packing appearance.

Technical parameters:

Film widthMax. 590mm
Bag making length90-300mm
Bag making width50-250mm
Production heightMax. 15-100mm
Packing speed40-80bag/min
Film roll diameterMax. 320mm
Power specification3.6w/220V, 50/60Hz
Outside dimension5000×1300×1750mm
Gross weight1200kg

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