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Z Type Conveyor

Z Type Conveyor


1. The hopper of the Z conveyor is in a closed shell and conveys materials through a hopper mounted on a chain.

2. Totally enclosed, no leakage. It is suitable for the lifting and conveying of granular bulk materials. For example, potato chips, peanuts, candy, dried fruits, vegetables, frozen food, chemicals, and other granular or lumpy items.

3. Elevator hopper is made of 304 stainless steel and food-grade plastic polypropylene PP material, not easy to deformation, hopper corrosion resistance, safety, and health. It is best for conveying non-viscous materials.

4. The biggest advantage of this equipment is its flexible composition and low breakage rate of materials, which can eliminate the production of defective products.

5. The elevator can be used in continuous or intermittent automatic weighing and packing production lines with other supporting equipment, and the automatic function of automatic feeding and stopping is realized by the control electric box and vibrating feeder.

6. The size can be customized according to customer requirements. Simple maintenance, easy to disassemble, easy to clean.


The elevator is suitable for vertical lifting of granular materials in the sectors of grain, food, feed, and chemical industry. It is widely used in the food packaging industry by forming a quantitative automatic packaging system with a computer combination weighing and packing machine.


Technical parameters: 

1. Hopper capacity: 1.6L (420*140*70)

2. Material: #201 stainless steel, #304 stainless steel, carbon steel

3. Conveying capacity: 3-8m³ / h

4. Voltage: three-phase AC 220V/AC 380V, 50Hz.

5. Machine height: 3150mm

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